Saturday, April 24, 2010

Double up!


  1. you HAVE to tell me where i can see more of them. What's their names, and where is this photo from?!

  2. The guy on the right is Zac, last name is Van....something. This pic is from ebonyd I think. I had always thought the pic of the two of them together was photoshopped (background is colored on the website so I'm curious where this version comes from) because Zac acts uber-straight in person. (I wonder how many guys at the gym have seen his naked pics.) I don't know his current status, but he's had a very attractive girlfriend in the past. He either bisexual or gay-for-pay as they say. I've heard he ran track at Troy, but I doubt there are pics still there since it's been a while.

  3. Do you know Zac Personally, because I seen his pictures online for a few years now and there something about his look that I like. I chatted with a few people who knew him when he attended Collage in Alabama, and a few years ago there was a posting on him on Don't date him girl website. So how is he in person?


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