Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have A Seat !

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  1. used to date a buck,bigger,and huge 14incher,one day tied him and worked estim to his huge balls,up his ass,on cock with tens,and violet wand,saline sprayed him down,he stayed rock hard four hours with anal 1/4inch electrode in his asshole,played with water shock pump,grips,rings,rods,and he came eight times,juice was in HANDFULLS AS HE BEGGED UNDER THE GAG,spanked the skin off my ass later cause i scared him at first,he later loved doin it,ALL THE TIME!!,BUT TO SEE THAT HUGE 7'5 280 MUSCLED MAN CUFFED,BELTED TO THE TABLE AS I HELPLESSLY MILKED HIS CUM WASS TOO FUCKIN HOT FOR WORDS!!!


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